Laurorae - Let your star shine!


This company was started by a Swedish woman who after a couple of years living on one of the beautiful islands in Denmark got an idea to once more change lanes in her career, or rather, expand her fields of knowledge. As an artist she loves the creative process of seeing things brought to life both and when it comes to candles things are no different.

”Life is a process of growing, we never stop, we only shift shape, but we never stand still. This is what I’ve learned to apply on my company as well. It’s constantly growing in the background with new ideas, new scents and new products for everyone to enjoy.”

She gets her inspiration from the surrounding island nature. The beach and the ocean are both huge influensers, both when it comes to colours and scents, but also the design. The forrest and her heritage from Sweden is aslo a part of what inspires her work. One of the first candles that was made was the CoffeeBloom - a combination of morning coffee and the lovely pink, cherry blossoms you find in early spring.



The name 


The name came about inspired by the nordic lights cause of their beauty and their versatility but also their magical charm. ”L’Aurorae is the Italian name for the nordic lights and with the mesmerizing Italian sound I could feel that I’d found the right name. It’s not only elusive but exudes a bit of luxury as well, something that can be found in our everyday life but still a choice to make to allow to oneself to enjoy.






We are planning on expanding with new products for the summer. This spring we’re launching not only new scents for our beautiful candles but also a separate collection of candles that will be exclusive and one of a kind. Only a certain number of candles will be made so if you want to be sure to get one for yourself, you can make a preorder here to secure you’ll get your very own limited edition candle.





Melt waxes are also a product coming this spring. We have different colours and scents and we’ve decided not to make them as the traditional cubes but in beautiful patterns mould that will not only make them beautiful to look at you can have them up front as decorative additives.

For the summer we hope to have some new things coming in form of organic perfumes, organic face masks and bath bombs.


”Let your star shine”