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On Sale today - CoffeeBloom 7 oz / 200g


Container Candle, steel container 7 oz / 200g

When Spring meets Morning. A little touch of that sweet and soft scent of delicate cherry blossoms you find in the early spring air when the mornings are still a bit chilly but warm during the mid day. Combined with one of the most popular morning smells, coffee, dark and rich aroma fills the room to bring it warmth and awaken your senses. A hint of rich almond and smokey Myrrh to bind all together. This is a perfect candle to wake you up in the nicest of ways gentle and sweet.

This 2 wick candle has a steel grey container. It is beautifully decorated with hand painted colours and additions that will make the candle burn and extra hour. If wanted these additions can be removed and used as wax melts since they too contain the lovely fragrance perhaps to share with a friend. This is a 7 oz candle or 200 ml candle that will burn for around 50 hours. It spreads the scent well in a smaller room up to around 20 square meters.

The container is made of metal so think of placement with care since the container itself can hold and preserve heat from the candle quite well. For optimal result burn the candle for 2 hours at the time.
This one has tin lid which can be used to extinguish your candle
Also see instructions that comes with the candle on how to use it and maintain it for best result.


Fragrances: Cherry blossom, Coffee with milk, Smokey Myrrh, Rich Almond

Diameter 77 mm, hight 65 mm, 200g or 7 oz

We only ship on Monday-Wednesday to avoid that your candle get stuck in the handling process. We chose to ship your candle so it can be tracked this is a bit more expensive but we prefer that your candle arrives safely to your home.
For larger orders please contact us via mail at : [email protected] before placing an order.

Making process:
Your candle takes 3 days to make. This is due to different steps we take to make sure that your candle is as perfect as can be. All candles are unique and handled with care.

Please feel free to ask us anything, just send us a message and we'll do our best to answer your question.